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Hey there! | Essential Wellbeing

My name is Irina Kazakevic. 

Welcome to the Essential Wellbeing space which I created for us to connect, learn, get inspired, optimize our wellbeing on all levels and create our best life!

Yoga | Essential Wellbeing

Yoga made its gentle entrance into my life when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I thought it would be a safe and beneficial way to keep in shape. I fell in love with the practice and continued doing yoga during my second pregnancy. Little did I know how the transformative power of yoga and meditation was going to change my life’s trajectory!

Kids Yoga | Essential Wellbeing

Being an elementary school teacher, I always integrated yoga into my professional life. Becoming a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT) and children’s yoga teacher was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been sharing my passion for kids yoga by leading professional development sessions and summer institute for teachers in my school board since 2007 (for over a decade!). Presently, I enjoy running Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainings (RCYT), which I offer online and in-person.

Yoga | Essential Wellbeing
Essential Oils | Essential Wellbeing
Essential Oils | Essential Wellbeing

I was first introduced to essential oils and herbs by my parents. I remember small oil containers in our linen closet and the heavenly aromas of trees and flowers when we had a family sauna. I still make those incredibly satisfying herbal teas that I had as a child.

Essential oils always fascinated me. Every time I travelled to a different country I tried to bring a sample. I’ve used exotic oils from India, evergreen oils from Europe, and vegetable and fruit oils from Central and South America.

I’ll be honest with you, I also bought oils from big department stores, but didn’t use those ones very much. When I came across doTERRA essential oils, I was blown away by how effective they were. It was actually a funny story that made me a believer over a few days and I never looked back! Click here to learn more.

Manifest Your Best Life | Essential Wellbeing

Studying Parayoga with Rod Stryker since 2005 and going through his The Four Desires training put me on fire and ignited every personal project and business endeavour I engaged in. I’m still burning bright!

After seeing mind-blowing changes in my own life, I want to help others to create their best life. I absolutely love working with small groups of dedicated individuals who are making a switch to intentional living and manifesting their best life! Click here to learn more about the Manifesting Your Best Life program.

You're Invited! | Essential Wellbeing

I am so grateful that all of these incredibly powerful modalities found their way to my life. Every single day, I embrace and embody them with so much joy! Essential Wellbeing is my core and the foundation of everything else good and beautiful in my life!

I’d love to share everything I’ve learned and implemented for myself, as well as for my students and clients, with YOU!

I invite you to join me on the path of optimizing YOUR essential wellbeing!