“I would love to unplug, but what would I do? It’s going to be so boring!” I almost spilled my hot tea on myself when I heard this from my friend last week.

This got me going. Here are some of my ideas, and I had to force myself to stop at number 10. I hope that you can continue this list for yourself. Let’s begin:

Be completely selfish.

Do everything to pamper yourself. Spend a day at the spa, have a massage or facial, do your hair and nails. Book a private yoga, Pilates or personal training class. Surround yourself with selfish luxury, whatever luxury means to you.

Be completely selfless.

Spend a day doing things or caring for others. Volunteer at an organization of your choice, help a neighbour, friend, or co-worker with a project. Shop, clean, cook, do laundry, renovate, mow the lawn for someone in need. Give your time, energy and talents selflessly.

Visit your parents.

Help around the house, talk to them, listen, take them for dinner, shopping or for a walk. Remember you are still their baby whom they love, miss and maybe by now even depend on. Our parents are not getting any younger. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget this until it’s too late.

Spend a day with your kids.

How often do you spend time with your kids, regardless of their age? Do you talk to them? Do you listen? Do you tell stories and jokes? Do you help them with their homework and projects? Do you guess at the shape of a cloud or search for the brightest star? Do you dream or laugh together? Are you a good example of a healthy and productive lifestyle? Remember kids are watching you, learning from you, and can even become like you. Would you like that?

Go out.

See a movie, show or a concert. Visit an exhibition, gallery, or an aquarium. Pretend you are a tourist in your own city. How well do you know your city? What historical sites would you visit? Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Join a festival or any other public event.

Spend a day in nature. (My favourite!)

The sky is the limit here, depending on your location, season, your physical ability and your preferences. Hiking, biking, skiing, skating, swimming, surfing, boating, bird watching, and even gardening. Personally, I love doing yoga outside and listening to the trees whispering.

Organize a day trip.

Take a bus, train, or drive without GPS somewhere, not necessarily too far, just for a day. Try not to have an agenda, or a particular destination. Explore, and be open to all the possibilities. You never know what you might discover.

Meet with a friend.

Reach out your good friend, whom you haven’t seen since last Christmas and do some of the things listed above together. Invent your own adventure! Even shopping will do, since it is not staring at the screen (I consider it an exercise with a double benefit).

Do something creative.

If you have a hobby, this is a perfect day for it. When was the last time you did something creative with your hands? Sewing, knitting, painting, molding, cutting, gluing, mixing, sawing, drilling, nailing… you name it! Don’t be afraid to get messy! You can actually have fun. Since you’re not distracted by your electronic device, you will be super creative, productive and will rest and unwind.

Have a spiritual retreat.

Spend a day in silence, contemplating and reflecting. For me, it is the ultimate luxury. When I get the chance to do that, I feel whole and complete, filled with energy, light, and love. I feel renewed, and ready to face the world the next day.
I hope this gave you some ideas on how to spend your unplugged day. Of course, I didn’t cover even the smallest portion of what you can do. My goal was to get you thinking about all the possibilities that our life offers us when we are not staring at the screen.

Now it’s your turn. What is your favourite way to spend a day without electronic devices? If you haven’t tried it yet, what would you like to do? Please share your comments below.

Be well, unplug, and enjoy life!